Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spring is Springing!

Yesterday afernoon, in my little library on top of the hill, the door kept blowing open with a gust of icy wind. The window panes were spattered with rain, and the sky was brooding and dark all day. So many of my customers mentioned the good forecast for today, and we all expressed doubt in it.

And yet, today, we have woken up to the most glorious day, a very early foretaste of spring. It was warm enough to wear a spring frock and cardigan into town, and leave my coat at home for the first time this year! The air is warm, the sky is blue, and everyone seems to be feeling really lighthearted. What bliss!

It is a day off today, and I took a long slow walk around the town. I didn't have much on my list, mainly ingredients for this evening, but I got to really enjoy picking them out. We have a friend who comes to dinner once a fortnight or so, and I love cooking for him. He is what my Gran would have called 'a good eater' and it is so good to see men sitting down and really eating! Tonight I am going to make a little mezze style starter, with hoummous and greek salad, falafel and toasted pitta bread strips, then I am making Pide pizzas, and finishing with orange pots de chocolat and orange segments with mint.

I was quite sure I had posted about Pide pizzas before, but the search facility suggests not. I have not made them very often, but they are just amazing! They are a turkish pizza, and are almost boat shaped. The filling is lamb mince and onion and feta and raisins and cinnamon, cumin and mint. Then you break an egg over the top and bake it. Not at all delicate to eat, but luscious!

I have a new bunch of daffodils to brighten up the living room, and I have every window in our little flat open to let in the spring. Who knows what it will be like tomorrow? I am determined to enjoy today while I can!

Wherever you are, I hope spring is springing, even if it is just for today!


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Dinahsoar said...

We are having the same weather here in the the states--TN--as you are there. Yesterday it was rain with wind and today the sun shone and it got to a glorious 70 degrees...not the norm for us.

The turkish pizza sounds delicious...I don't recall reading about it on your blog before. I'd love to make them though getting lamb mince would be hard, it's not commmon in our stores but I could substitute beef or poultry mince if that would work.