Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Daffodil Days

January seems to have a special kind of light, all of its own, that falls softly through the window, tinged slightly with grey. Monday, was, apparently, Blue Monday, the day of the year we are most likely to feel glum. Christmas is behind us, and spring seems far ahead.

And yet, we can bring a little hint of what is to come into our lives, with the purchase of a bunch or pot of daffodils. It started with a brisk walk to the market one chilly lunchtime, to buy some kale. I don't know why, but I have been really craving kale lately. As I hurried back to work, my eye fell on a display of potted tete-a-tetes, for only 50p. I really couldn't say no, and took a pot back to my desk.

So many people commented on them, that a few days later I went back to the market, and bought a pot for everyone in my office. My thoughts hadn't gone beyond that it would be nice for everyone to have a little splash of spring on their desks, but I was overwhelmed with how happily they were received. Even the men were really enthusiastic, and immediately suggested we have a prize for the longest living and a forfeit for the first to die.

At some point during the day, someone will casually wander past, just to inspect and scope out the competition!

At home I have a bunch of daffodils in a jam jar. They started as such tight buds, it is almost impossible to believe that the great froth of yellow flowers were ever contained in such a tight space. Whenever my eye falls on them at home or at work, they make me smile. We might be having more scatterings of snow, it might be cold enough to nip at your nose outside, but sometime in the next month or so, snowdrops will start to show their pretty little heads, heralding the unfurling chorus line of crocuses and aconites and daffodils.

January seems to have been both a very long month, and also almost gone in a flash already at the same time. It is as though it is slow to awake, tired from the Christmas festivities, and then, realising it is late, hurries away. But there are still days in which to make marmalade and drink pots of tea and watch black and white films and snuggle with hot water bottles and make plans for the year ahead.

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