Monday, 11 December 2006

Feeling Festive...

As you know, I have been feeling rather festive of late. And while I havenÂ’t swung into full on Christmas Elf mode yet, I do feel deliciously Christmassy. How could I be anything else, with the last few days being as lovely as they have?

It definitely started Wednesday with the wonderful NigellaÂ’s Christmas Kitchen- I have been looking forward to it from the time I heard that she was making a Christmas special, and she did not disappoint!

Thursday, I went back to my little town to meet a friend for lunch and chatting. We swapped gifts early- and it is so lovely to open a pretty package and find something utterly perfect! Lovely Anna had got me some hand made rose and violet creams, and some soap roses to go in the bath. All done up with gorgeous Victorian paper, with matching tag and card! It was raining outside, so we sat in the little coffee shop for ages, and when the drizzle finally stopped, we ventured out to the Shops. We went to the little cake decorating shop, where I bought some edible glitter sprinkles to go on my Christmas Cake, along with a 50Â’s style fawn, and some iridescent fir trees!

When I got to work on Saturday, the Christmas Tree had been put up! I could smell it before I could see it, and when I did see it- oh! You see, the library I work in is in the County Hall, and the tree is four floors high! And it is real! So big and bushy amarvelousous- all hung with ropes and ropes of tiny gold lights, and huge shiny red baubles, and gold bells, and ribbons. Then, Saturday evening we went on the train to go to a Christmas Drinks party. Oh, it was delightful! There was mulled wine, and delicious little nibbles, and their house was so pretty. There were baubles hung from ribbon all along the kitchen window, and tinsel everywhere! The company was lovely- we got to spend the evening with several dear friends, and although we left perhaps earlier than we had planned, it was nice to leave wanting more.

And best of all, I have very nearly finished stitching the 12 Days Of Christmas. I ran out of white thread yesterday! I got some today at lunch, so all I have to do is cross stitch the ermine robe of my leaping lord, back stitch him and I am done! Then all I have to do is find some cards to mount the embroideries inÂ….oh and tonight I am also going to marzipan my cake as I can hardly wait to ice and decorate it!

To top it all, my gift making is going well- I have been knitting hot water bottles, crocheting handbags, and have ordered some boxes to put shortbread and sweets intoÂ…do you know, this time in a fortnight, it will be the day?!

I hope you are all feeling as merry as I am!

(PS Another Thing That I Am Going To Do On My Holidays is to watch some of the House of Eliot on dvd! I discovered we have the first two series in the library!)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about Nigella's Christmas Kitchen being wonderful. I have it recorded waiting for me when I get home!! Can't wait! Your festive fun sounds great!

fairycakegirl said...

Lucky you. Yes wasn't Nigella to die for! Can't wait until tomorrow, she seems such a nice person doesn't she...
I am getting a new oven tomorrow and can't wait to get some Christmas baking done