Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Walking In A Winter Wonderland...

Aren’t people just marvellous? Really, I mean just fantastic. Just look at these examples….

The friend of a friend at work emailed my friend to say that in her office there would be a sale of Benefit makeup! I was there like a shot, as I am sure you understand. I got a huge bottle of Bathina Bubble Bath…for £9!! And a little pot of Benebalm…for £7! And a few Christmas presents as well….

Vintage Pretty, one of my favourite bloggy friends sent me a gorgeous handmade Christmas card, and a fabulous hand-stitched Christmas decoration. I love it when our postman comes!

A of Pretty Little Parcels left a present on my desk- wrapped in a beautiful gingham bag that she has stitched. She has started a tradition of making bags to put her gifts in- the only condition being that you use the bag to wrap someone elses gift next year! Fabulous- environmentally friendly, and absolutely scrumptious too!

Oh, and words- aren’t they just one of the most wonderful gifts? I have a pale blue covered A4 book in which I write down favourite recipes, poems, knitting patterns- just little bits really. Well from now on I am going to write down words, phrases- lovely bits that come my way. Alicia was posting about Christmas excitement, and said:

I tell you my head would've exploded into a million shards of candy canes and then I would've run in a small circle around the living room while crying tears of joy

Now isn’t that JUST how it is? That if your head did explode with joy, it would burst into candy canes? Delicious!

And Jilly Cooper. Oh, Jilly. I love Jilly. I do. If I feel down and blue, or want to relax, or read something easy, or on those nights when I have run a bath, but cannot choose a book to read from our three shelves…then I turn to Jilly. Particularly to Lisa and Co and the story Christmas Stocking. In talking about it being foggy and cold, she says something along the lines of:

The house had pulled down the sky like a hat around its ears.

Oh, yes. Which brings me on to the fact that I woke up this morning to find that it is a Winter Wonderland out there! We have had frost, and it is c.o.l.d.- and I love it! I love how the sunlight is so bright, and yet brittle. I love how the grass looks like it should taste of peppermint creams, and how my breath puffs out like a dragon! I love needing my gloves, and the way my cheeks sting slightly in the cold. I love that everything looks like a Christmas card. Of course I am afraid of slipping over on the frost, and such winter nightmares, but I distract myself with the idea of getting home from work, and putting on a little pan of my favourite hot chocolate- because I am cold enough to need it!

I can take a hot water bottle to bed (well, I have been already, but I really need it now!) and find out my softest fluffiest socks. I can plan hearty soups for dinner, proper winter food. It is as though Jack Frost drifted off in the autumn sunshine for a nap, and has just startled awake and realised that it is winter! And as if to compensate for his lateness has touched everything with a beautiful shimmering of shivering silver.

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VintagePretty said...

Oh Mimi it's like that here too! I've been out to take the dog down the garden and the grass was hard with ice, the path white almost as if it had snowed. Isn't it wonderful!?

I'm glad you're having such a good time - I'm listening to a really nice song by Ralph Vaughan Williams called The Lark Ascending which just seems to sum up cold sunny winter days - like the one we've had here today :)