Monday, 4 December 2006

Santa Baby...

...oh it is silly, I know it is. But I don't ever really feel truly Christmassy until I have watched either version of Miracle on 34th Street! But this year...alas...our video player has died. And the library has it only on video. I thought that was it, this year. But...

...we were at Carls parents house, as they had workmen in and we both had the day off. I was writing Christmas Cards- all home made! And using fountain pen- and not getting it over myself! Then dear Carl announced that he had a surprise. I was hoping for a cup of tea! But instead he switched on the television, and put on a video. From the very first note of music, I knew what it was!

The lovely, lovely Carl had found out a video copy of the 1994 version, and we happily watched it while I wrote out the rest of the cards. I am still feeling all warm and Christmassy now!

I am also feeling all smiley and merry from your lovely comments on this blog. It is lovely to have bloggy friends- and dear Vintage Pretty- I must confess it was your post that made me want to make pasta!

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