Tuesday, 28 November 2006

What I Am Going To Do On My Holidays

This year, for the first time I have booked some proper time off over Christmas. After I finish work on the 21st, I do not go back until January 2nd! I am very excited. I am like the lovely Posie (www.rosylittlethings.typepad.com); she posted recently about...well this

Here is my dream. I'm sitting on a comfy chair-and-a-half [note: I don't actually have a chair-and-a-half, so a comfy chair would do, but a chair-and-a-half would be even better], in front of the fireplace, sipping hot chai, knitting a sock, corgi at my feet. I'm all caught up with all my work, it's pouring outside but I don't care. Perhaps there is an apple pie in the oven and the dishwasher is going. Even better, there would be something yummy bubbling in the crock pot so I wouldn't have to get up and make dinner, either. The phone's not ringing. The computer is off. Music is on. What should I listen to? I don't even know. Doesn't that sound awesome? If only, if only it would snow. What kind of music sounds like snow?

I hope it is not rude to borrow so much from a blog! But this is exactly how I feel and it was her post that made me decide- I am going to make me a list of lovely puttery, cookery, crafty things to do on my holiday.

I am going to make pasta from scratch. I have never made it before and I dont have a machine to roll it out with- but I do have a Nigella book, and a packet of 00 flour sitting in the cupboard, silently promising me an adventure every time I open the door.

I am going to treat myself to one of the wonderful Jane Austen Mysteries by Stephanie Barron. I am going to read it curled up at the end of the sofa, with a pot of tea and a plate of home made mince pies.

I am going to buy myself some wool, and sit and knit socks for myself, while watching old Christmas Films. I have knit two pairs of socks so far- warm slouchy ones- and given them both as gifts. Now I want some for me!

So that is three on my list so far- do you have anything to suggest I do on my holidays, or is there something special that you are saving up to do for yourself?


Amanda said...

Love, love, love this blog!!!!! Am going to read through all your old posts now, because it's just so cosy and homely here!

VintagePretty said...

The pasta-making will definitely increase your upper-arm strength!! Did you see my post about pasta-making? Very fun indeed!

And thank you so much for your email ~ I haven't smiled as much for a while! (chest infection = feeling less than good)...

Enjoy your holidays, they sound scrummy!

fairycakegirl said...

Oh lovely, lovely Mimi. How I love your writing, it's delightful