Sunday, 19 November 2006

Someone Up There Was Listening!

We came into town yesterday- and although I hate jostling crowds, I did love the afternoon. It was cooler than it has been, and there was a Continental Market it town. We hate hot paella for lunch, and wandered about the stalls together.

Later, we bumped into Mum and Dad and had drinks in Costa (peppermint hot chocolate for me, bliss!). We were on a roll of Good Things- because- in Smiths, I found....the Martha Stewart Living Handmade Holidays special edition I have been wanting so much!

And even better- it lives up to expectation! So when I am home from work today (yes, Sunday! This is my last one) I am going to curl up on the sofa with Green and Blacks Cocoa, and read it from cover to cover and plan my Christmas presents to make.

A random observation- the leaves outside our little flat have turned bright, bright yellow. They are falling like confetti in abundance at the moment- and as I got into the car (dear Carl took me to work this morning!) I looked up through almost bare branches adorned with acid yellow leaves, to a clear blue sky. Quite, utterly, perfect.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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VintagePretty said...

hehe, I work on a sunday too, so I'm with you on that one! We were in our local town too where they were having a continental market, we eagerly eyed the man with the enormous pans of paella, and instead opted for two smelly sausages (air-cured chorizo and cerf - stag) and a baguette. Yum! The wind was cold and bracing so we went for a long walk together and it was so good just to be outside together.

I'm always on the prowl for some of the American magazines, particularly foody or crafty ones, is it so impossible for someone, anywhere over here to stock them?! Or, even better, someone over here to make a better version?! I can see it now, Mimi & VintagePretty's Guide to Household Styling. hehe.

Have a good week (and a rest!) :)