Tuesday, 28 November 2006

The Whirl Of Gaiety

Have you ever read These Happy Golden Years? It is one of the Little House On The Prairie books. In it, there is a chapter called ‘the whirl of gaiety’ and that is just what this last weekend was.

Friday was my day to go to see my lovely Mum. It was cold and damp and very unpromising- but we had a marvellous time. We started with continental coffee (whipped cream and nuts!) then did some Christmas shopping, then popped to Sainsburys (there is not one near me) where I got some 00 flour to play making pasta with. Then she took me to Fontenay Orchard – a little orchard in the countryside that has Concorde pears- they are marvellous, really delicious. This orchard is through tiny winding roads, and all the trees were dropping golden leaves on us like rain. Best of all, there was an honesty box to pay in. I love that trust still exists.

I came back into town, got my hair cut, and then went home to dress for a Winter Ball! How exciting- a proper evening out. It was a fundraiser for the scouts, and we went as it was a friend who works with the scouts birthday. I wore my black dress that looks like the Mouret Galaxy dress, and red lipstick, and felt grown up! We left as the clock struck midnight…

Saturday I had to work during the day, and was more than a little tired from the evening before! But after work, I had dinner at Café Rouge with dear Carl and my lovely friend Lisa. I had the softest steak and a glass of red wine- delicious! Then we went to see the new Bond movie. Oh, I loved it! Very long- so we took in a cup of tea- but good. And then we walked back through the town at ten to midnight- two late nights in a row!

Sunday we went to Cressing Temple Barns where there was a food and craft fair. On the way, it thundered, lightninged, rained and hailed, and there was a glorious rainbow! The stalls were set out in ancient barns, and although we got rained on and very muddy, it was a marvellous morning. We bought irish cream scented coffee beans, and best of all- a proper yule log. It is a beautiful log, about the size of my forearm, with three spaces drilled into it that each hold a tealight candle! Then we hurried home and on to see a friend for Sunday lunch. Convivial company and a roast lunch- nothing better.

So that is what I have been up to- what about you?


Cookie said...

I love reading your posts...you life sounds so scrumptious living in an english village. Thank you for sharing ! Hugsss

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