Thursday, 11 January 2007

A Blustery January Afternoon of Delights

Can you imagine the bliss of an unexpected and utterly perfect January afternoon? You see, I am very fortunate in my job, in that should I have a few spare hours, and enough holiday left, I can take a few off at rather short notice. So when at half past eleven yesterday morning, I realised I was having one of those days when I would rather be picking violets instead of shushing the ringing of mobile phones in the quiet study area, I booked two hours leave so I could go home at three.

And oh, what bliss it was! I treated myself to the bus home, and waited in the blustery wind. It is just a touch cold now, deliciously so. I took my book with me, and read a few pages on the way home. The short walk from the bus stop to my little flat is just long enough to enjoy having your hair whipped about your face, and leaves swirling around your ankles, without becoming too cold! When I opened my door, there was a fat little pile of post- oh, how I love post! And best of all, amongst all the rest, there was a real letter, from lovely Tash at Vintage Pretty. I opened all the windows to let the wind blow some fresh air in, boiled the kettle and put my letter to one side to save. Then I sorted some washing, made a cup of steaming hot tea, and some buttery toast, and settled with my letter. The afternoon light had that curious quality to it that makes everything look as though you have just blinked. Then I read my book some more, and dear Carl came home.

And so it was an utterly perfect afternoon. Hot tea, a delightful letter, and the feeling of an unexpected present. So often I am not at home for this part of the day, and it was lovely to see the different light and shadows.

After Carl came home, we shut the windows and curtains, and put a little heat on, to make the place cozy. Half an hour later, we realised that the little black and white cat had come to visit, and was curled up on our bed, quite unperturbed at being locked in!

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Jeanne said...

Sounds absolutely delightful.
Embrace your bliss
it is the key to happiness.
Love Jeanne ^j^