Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Cat Burglar!

Am I alone in feeling tired a lot at the moment? I think it is the weather- that is what I am telling myself. It is so windy here, and often quite overcast. When I get home of an evening, after cooking some supper I am just about ready to go to sleep. Except for last night, when I had two visitors- one expected and anticipated with pleasure, and the other both unexpected and uninvited but a pleasure nevertheless!
The same little black and white kitty I had to evict the other evening came back! I was sitting in the living room, chatting on the phone with my Mum about Several Seville Oranges, knowing I was all alone in the house as dear Carl had popped to the shop, and my friend was not due for another ten minutes or so. Imagine how I jumped when something moved in the corner of my eye, and the little kitty jumped into the middle of the room with a large MEOW! I said goodbye to Mum, then had to let my friend in, and we set off on a kitty hunt. We found her curled up on our bed, and persuaded her into the kitchen- the source of the open window. But she just would not go out! We even tried barking at her! In the end, I had to throw out a terribly elderly banana that I had been planning to make into milkshake to give her something to chase! I think that perhaps rather a large part of me wishes that we did not have to put her out, but could keep her instead

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Midori said...

I've been feeling tired too. I think it is partly the time of year, partly my own normal energy ups and downs and partly due to our cat which has taken to throwing himself at my sleeping body in the middle of the night!