Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Several Seville Oranges

You know how silly little things make you laugh? Well every January Mum keeps an eye out for Seville Oranges for me- there is a gorgeous proper grocers back home, and although there is a fruit and veg stall in the market here- it is not the same. Well last year she phoned work and left me a message saying ‘I have got Seville Oranges for you’ so I would know to call off the search. Only thing is that the message I got was ‘I have got several oranges for you!’.

So now she looks for several Seville oranges! And she has come up trumps- I have 2kg to play with this year! This means marmalade of course, and my favourite Seville orange ice cream from the Nigella recipe- I think it is in Nigella Bites. I love using seasonal ingredients. There is something so special in knowing that they are here this week, but in a week or two they will be gone. I need to get this months BBC Good Food magazine as that has several (!) marmalade recipes in it, and also Country Kitchen magazine as it has a whole section of ‘other’ recipes using Seville Oranges. (Mmm, citrus Seville salmon!).


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am your Vintage Swap partner. Wanted to let you know your package is being sent out today. Hope you enjoy it.

Sounds like you are going to do some wonderful things with those Seville Oranges.

Take care,

BrocanteHome said...

Hi Sweetie, Where are you? Are you ok? Just hibernating?XX