Friday, 9 May 2008

My First Sock!

Poor Mum was not feeling well today, so we didn’t spend the day together as we normally would. Instead, I took a gentle walk into town, and had an iced coffee while I read the paper, and then ventured into the park, where I sat on a bench in the shade, and finished my first proper sock. (I say proper as in four-needled-finished-with-Kitchener-stitch. I have made two-needle slipper socks before, but not proper socks!)I was so excited I could have turned cartwheels! Silly me though, as soon as I got home, I cast on the next sock, but knitted four rows before I realised I had the pattern slightly off...I should have been starting on knit one purl one every row, but I was doing purl one, knit one every other row. Oops! Still, at least I noticed before I got too far. Already I am thinking ahead to my next socks....something simple in a dark, fine, soft yarn for Mr Carl, I think.

~There will be a picture, but the light in here is so poor tonight, it will have to wait until tomorrow!


YeeMum said...

I don't believe I will ever attempt a sock.

I stumbled upon this blog and since I am addicted to tea nad yarn I thought a hello would be in order.

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest USA

a pink-bee said...

Hope you show a pic of your sock :) I want to try knitting socks soon:)
Have a happy weekend :)