Friday, 9 May 2008

Today I Am Wearing...

...a white cotton Victorian-style nightie, with a cardigan and a twinkly brooch. The cardigan was knitted by my Mum, and is a plum colour shot with violet. Just right for wafting about the house in bare feet with bright pink toenails, and feeling airy but cosy all at the same time.
I have started my own little welcome-home ritual now that the weather is so much warmer. When I get in, I throw open all the windows, and change into my nightie-and-cardi outfit. Then I fill a washing up bowl (kept just for this purpose!) with some cool water, and pour myself a cup of iced tea or coffee, and sit with my feet in the cool water for a little while. Such bliss!
What warm-weather-ways are there for you to welcome yourself home?

1 comment:

Chris said...

I don't have any rituals like this, but I think I may need to!