Wednesday, 18 June 2008

So, How Did I Do?

My resolution to do more has been coming along rather beautifully. As well as making Vanilla Iced Cupcakes for Ben's Christening, I also made a batch for a friend's birthday, and iced the left over cakes with the names of my lovely husband and his co-workers, for a tea-time treat.

I enjoyed making Ben's Christening Banner, but it highlighted to me that we really do need to get a printer at home. My plan was to make the banner on my day off on Friday, but I forgot to print it off, so I ended up doing it Saturday evening instead! I could really get into making these banners. At first I really struggled with the idea of cutting up books, but having seen how scrumptious they turn out, I am seeing it as a good way to save a book that would otherwise have been sent to the pulper!

The lemonade....less of a hit if I am honest. I roasted the lemons and vanilla one morning before work, left them to cool during the day then finished it off that evening. I don't know if it was the vanilla or the soda water, but it reminded me quite a lot of soda stream from the eighties, but not in a good way! It was quite sharp, as I like it, but curiously sweet at the same time. Still, it was lovely to come home to a lovely lemony scent wafting through our little flat.

I did pick out a folder, and already it is quite fat with photocopied sock patterns and recipes for cheese-and-apple-bread and so on! Still, it is nice to feel a little more organized. Perhaps I shall have to get more folders, one for recipes, one for knitting patterns and so on.

I have been reading a lot, still Agatha Christie, but I have briefly left Poirot for the delights of Tommy and Tuppence.

One downside to my doing more is that I seem to be blogging less. I really enjoying composing little posts in my mind and taking pictures for my blog, but recently I have been so busy in the kitchen or crafting at my writing desk that I don't seem to get round to it. I shall have to remedy this!

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