Wednesday, 27 August 2008


For the first time in ages, I am home early in the evening and have the flat, laptop, tv AND kettle all to myself! So here I sit, with a steaming mug of peach tea by my side, skipping from blog to blog.

Over at Jane is having a giveaway, and to win a copy of her book, you have to leave a comment saying what your favourite domestic activity is.

There are so many delightful domestic activities that it is really hard to choose just one, but mine is my evening before-bed ritual. While I am brushing my teeth, Carl pours me a glass of water, and then while he is brushing his teeth, I fluff up the pillows and spray them with pillow spray. (If I think I will get away with it, I also turn on Radio 4!)

In the winter I love a peppermint and nutmeg spray from Boots. I love it because it reminds me of snowy forests, and somehow figgy pudding too, although perhaps it is the idea of figgy pudding rather than figgy pudding itself!

In the summer I like lavender, and at the moment I am using a spray from Past Times which is just heavenly.

For my absolute favourite bed time, I like to have the windows wide open for an hour or so to let the cool air in, and I like to have a good book to read.

Just typing this makes me look forward to bed time!

Sweet dreams everyone