Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sunday Bliss

Sometimes I find I don't realize just how lovely something is until I speak it out loud, or write it down. Perhaps it is because to write or speak about something you must consciously have noticed or observed it first? Whatever the reason, it was only as I was sending a text to a friend this afternoon that I realised how lovely my Sunday is. In response to her 'what are you doing right now?' text, I replied that I was sipping hot chocolate and listening to the rain.

Let me paint you a proper picture so you can share the scrumptiousness with me! I am curled up in my corner of the sofa, with a discarded pile of newspapers on the floor to my right, and a calligraphy project on the table in front of me. Sharing the sofa with me is lovely Carl, who is working from home, on his laptop. There is a companionable kind of quiet between us, and we are both enjoying the breeze blowing through our little flat, as we have thrown open every window we have. The afternoon light is that curious half-light that accompanies a rain storm, and we can hear the hiss of the rain over the tap-tapping of the computer. I am sipping hot chocolate made in one of my favourite mugs, which is pale blue and scattered with butterflies. We have been talking about our imminent first wedding anniversary, both bursting with secret gifts planned for one another.

If all this wasn't enough, we are lucky enough to have a week off of work to share together, not this week but the next, and suddenly we realised that we really need to be making plans! It is going to be a week full of adventures, and I can hardly wait for them to start.

The first weekend we are travelling down to Dorset for a few days. We are going to River Cottage HQ, and to explore the town of Axminster. I am also scrunching up my toes with excitement at the thought of a stroll along the Cob at Lyme Regis. Later that week we will be spending a day at the zoo, and then on another day we plan to go to London. We have some theatre vouchers that were a gift at Christmas- we are going to go to one of those last-minute ticket booths and see whatever is available, and then are going to have dinner for two at the Ritz. Towards the end of the week we are going to have a barbeque in our garden for our families, and look back over our first year of marriage.

It has been a quiet Sunday, but one of those golden Sundays where in the quiet your mind gently bubbles away. I have plans for things we are going to do together as well as a new list of books I want to read, and the idea for a crochet blanket forming. I have also decided I need to learn how to use flickr as I have discovered a whole pile of photographs that I have snapped to share here, but never quite got to doing- chocolate blancmange rabbits atop vintage flowery plates, pretty shop window displays, and the rooftops of Bruges...

I hope your weekend has been as blissful as mine.


London Southern Belle said...

a well written and described weekend. Sounds perfect :)

thank you for the well wishes :) x

ian said...

Hi Mimi,
Glad to hear that you are coming down to Dorset for a few days. I really hope you enjoy your vsit. It sounds as though you are well aware of many of the things to do and places to go in Dorset, but if you are stuck for an idea, try our web pages.

serenitymeadow said...

Sounds like a comfy and cozy weekend. I like how you write. Your words flow sweetly.