Monday, 18 August 2008

What A Vexing Day!

This last week has been blissful, and I have a great many adventures to post about. This morning, however, has been most vexing. As with the most vexing of things, it is a trivial silly thing that has caused the problem and makes me crosser because it is so trivial! You see, at twenty past eight I was all ready for work. I had straightened hair and my spotty wrap dress on, a delicious lunch packed up and my new giant brolly at the ready. What I didn't have, and don't have are my house keys. Now the problem is that our front door does not lock without the key, and I cannot possibly go out without locking the front door! I phoned poor Carl in a panick, having ransacked my handbags and cloth bags for the elusive keys. He did not pick up, and I phoned and phoned and phoned, knowing that sometimes he does not hear the phone on the train. When he finally did pick up, I was so relieved, as he had my keys last. It was no good though, because he had put them back in my handbag, and I had already turned it out and upside down.

Imagine how embarassing to have to phone work and say that you can't come in to work because you have lost your keys! Mortifying is not the word. If I am to look on the bright side I will say that at least I have had a chance to turn out my handbags, and have discovered several lipsticks in the process. And I had enough annual leave to 'pay' for the day off. And I do now have time to post about some of my adventures. But I do feel very frustrated. My big hope is that when dear Carl comes home tonight, he will unlock the car and my keys will be in there...

Wherever you are, I hope you are having a much brighter Monday than me!

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fairycakegirl said...

Did you find your keys???