Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Welcome to Mimistan!

Although it has been frantically busy here since the children broke up for the summer holidays, we do have occasions when we find ourselves in the eye of the storm, and take the opportunity to regroup. Our latest game is to answer these questions:

In Mimistan, what is the national dress?

In Mimistan, we only wear skirts or dresses, we never, ever wear trousers at all. You can tell if someone is from Mimistan because they are always wearing a flower, somewhere. I

In Mimistan, what is the national dish?

Our national dish is afternoon tea, of course! First we have sandwiches made from very thin slices of crustless bread, spread with either egg mayonnaise with tiny bits of chopped up tomato or cream cheese with cucumber and mint; then we have sultana scones with Little Scarlett strawberry Jam and clotted cream; we finish with tiny chocolate ├ęclairs and strawberry tarts. It is all served on delightfully mismatched flowery china, and accompanied by a big pot of Cornish tea.

What is the flag of Mimistan?

The flat of Mimistan is bunting! It is made from scraps of pretty flowery fabric, which was once used to make baby clothes worn by Mimi herself (this part is grounded firmly in reality; my Mum made yards and yards of bunting for our wedding using fabric left over from my baby clothes!)

What do they do on their national day in Mimistan?

We take the day off of work, and we dress up in our finest clothes. We go out early, and leave little handmade gifts on each others doorsteps. In the afternoon, we get together with our closest friends, and partake of our national dish!

What are the Mimistanians known for?

Mimistanians are famous and skilled hoarders. They are often to be found smoothing out bits of foil from sweet wrappers to use in crafts, stashing away oddments of felt, or buying an extra box of teabags for the cupboard ‘just in case’. Those who do not fully understand the nature of Mimistanians may say they are messy, but Mimistanians know where everything is, until they have tidied up!

I would love to know about your countries! What is life like in Alisonstan, or Tashstan, I wonder?

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a pink-bee said...

What a fun post ~

crystalcove ~is a wee village where there are tiny lace curtained cottages ~ all with different pastel colored shutters~ gardens bursting full of flowers ~ tiny chimneys always puffing because it never gets hot there.

The dress is long flower patterend skirts ~ lace tops, and ballet slippered feet. And pretty soft knitted sweaters with a crocheted flower.

The meal is also tea time~ but, with tiny chicken salad filled crossiants, fruit cups and tiny tarts, heart shaped scones and of course lots of sweets.

The flag is a woven heart, in pastel shades of pinks and yellows.

On the national day there is soft beautiful music played to a parade through the whole village with everyone carrying tussie mussies cones ~ and rings of flowers on their heads~ tossing paper heart confetti.

Crystalcove, is known for it's cozy traditons ~ tiny cups of tea and petite four cakes before bed, dried Queen Ann's lace snowflakes covering their holiday trees, they love lots of tiny pets, and everyone who lives there has a tiny collection of things in heart shapes. And the tea kettles are always whistling :)