Thursday, 30 October 2008

Autumn Windowsill

I am really behind with posting photographs...I shall have to flutter my eyelashes at Carl and ask him to help me out! Until I can show you a photograph of my autumn windowsill, I will describe it for you. I have my footed glass cake stand in the centre, upon which is sitting a very warty and gnarled pumpkin. To one side is a square vase full of bronze chrysanthemums, and to the other, a small liqueur glass with just a few chrysanthemum heads. Scattered along the windowsill are some beautiful autumn leaves that I gathered this morning on the way home from the doctors. they are mainly sycamore leaves, but there are also some oak amongst them- they range from a brown-paper-parcel-brown to burning flame orange, with every variation in between.

Amongst the lot are scattered twinkly tea light candles burning brightly in the dusk. It makes me smile to think that when Carl comes home from work tonight, the first thing he will see will be our window shining brightly.

I am feeling a bit glum this evening, as my headache has not shifted yet, and my ear is crackling and banging away. I don't much like the idea of surgery on it, but neither do I want to continue like this. Sigh. I think I will have a hot bath before Little Dorrit, take another paracetamol, and curl up with my knitting.

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