Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Cobweb Weekend

It has been a simply beautiful weekend, one that I want to share with you even though it is already Wednesday evening, and time has flown by once again.

I was thrilled on Saturday morning to open the door to one of those wonderful autumnal mornings, where the air is fresh and crisp and hazy all at the same time, dry leaves are blown from the trees, and you are glad of a scarf. Everything was all a-shimmer and a-glitter, and I was fascinated to see a large spiders web on a brick wall, all beaded with drops of dew, and home to a large spider. I don't normally like spiders very much, but this one was so beautiful that I found myself feeling rather friendly towards him. He had a mottled pattern on his body (yes, he was that big that I could see a pattern!) that put me in mind of a smoking jacket!

Sunday morning we opened the front door to be confronted by the foggiest morning that we have seen in a long time. The roads were wreathed in rolling mist, and as we drove along, a cobweb on the wingmirror of the car, all beaded with dew that sparkled like diamonds in the bright sunlight, fluttered like a beautiful flag.

Just as both cobwebs were beaded with drops of dew that were like precious jewels, so was our weekend scattered with jewel-like moments. Steaming cups of coffee drank in shared quiet, whilst listening to the beeps on radio 4. Walking hand in hand through the town, while a gospel choir sang behind us. Dropping a glittery bath bomb into a steamy bath. Driving past where we had our wedding reception, remembering snatched moments of that day. The fields filled with rolling, swirling mist, with hazy sunshine breaking through.

All ordinary moments in one way, and yet extraordinary in another, because all of them were little moments to be saved and savoured, the ordinary moments that make up special memories of a perfect weekend.


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...i love your blog... said...

...i love your blog...