Monday, 22 December 2008

Living in a Snowglobe

We haven't had any actual snow here, but I feel like I have been living in a snow globe none the less. You know, when all is calm, and then it is shaken up and down and suddenly there is a swirl of glitter and commotion? Well that feels like my life at the moment.

There have been things that have made me glum...such as a favourite aunt having a very painful operation, and an uncle being rushed into hospital and not being expected to make it...and wonderful things, such as a job interview which resulted in me being given a library all of my very own! In between it all there have been Christmas cards to write, Carl's birthday, and a Spa Day too. oh, and a trip to Bury St Edmunds...

I have finished work now until January, so I hope to have a little more time to blog...I feel awful for letting things slide here for so long. Other news though, Carl is having a new laptop for Christmas, which means that I will have his old one...which means more internet time for me!!

I hope that all is a-shimmer and a-sparkle in your house, with mince pies in the oven and Bing Crosby on the radio...

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a pink-bee said...

Have a very Merry Christmas :)