Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tastes of November

When it gets to November, I get an overwhelming craving for citrus fruit. I love to buy paper bags full of satsumas from the market, or pile up great big oranges in my fruit bowl. When I peel them, I try and do it how I did when I was a little girl, so that the peel looks like a little person, with the stalk of the orange as the belly button! I am going to try slicing blood oranges and regular oranges, and chilling them in the fridge with a few splish splashes of Cointreau to make a grown up fruit salad!

One of my favourite things in November is when the different coffee shops start doing their seasonal coffees. Oh, the bliss of a gentle Sunday in town with the papers, and a new coffee to try. My favourite this year is gingerbread latte, but I also love maple syrup latte and have discovered that dark cherry mocha is nicer if you can stand the embarassment of asking for it with one pump less mocha and one pump more cherry! (Thanks for the tip Dan!) Starbucks used to offer a Hot Chocolate Peppermint Bliss, and while they don't do it any more, sometimes I still order a hot chocolate with peppermint syrup because it is so scrumptious!

Be very, very warned away from Nero's Latte Amaretti....sounds divine, tastes u.g.h.!

November is for me the month of vegetable soups so thick that you can stand your spoon up in the bowl, hot porridge for breakfast, and peppermints.

Usually by now I would have made my Christmas cake, and enjoyed cleaning out the mixing bowl, but I am not making it until December. Instead, I am dreaming of my first mince pie....bliss!

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dianeinjapan said...

Bowls of satsumas--yep! Here, we buy "mikans" (basically the same thing) and eat them by the truckload. The kids love them and look forward to their appearance around the end of October every year...