Thursday, 20 November 2008


...fear not, I shall definitley be back later this evening or tomorrow with a lovely post about all the scrumptious tastes of November, but today I need to vent!

When I was at my last doctors appointment about my ears, I was told I would be referred to the ENT clinic. I went away quite happy, secure in the idea that there would be a goodly long waiting list. So shock, horror, when a letter dropped on my mat yesterday with an appointment in December.

Now here comes the snag. According to the letter, my GP and I had discussed the Choose and Book system, and I had chosen the appointment as detailed in the letter. The problem is that we did not talk about it at all! And I cannot make the appointment. So I went online, as instructed in the letter. I didn't mind too much that the letter sends you to the wrong part of the website, but what I did mind was that when I managed to log in, I was told there are no other appointments at all. So I called the helpline, as instructed on the website. I explained that I cannot make the appointment, and was told that there are no others.

Ok, fair enough, but I cannot go to that appointment I said. 'So you want to cancel it?' Well no, I don't..because that would mean I don't get another appointment. I still want to see the specialist, just not then. In the end she suggested I wait a week or two, and then try again in case other appointments have been added.

And this is progress? Sigh.....

Still, on to other, happier things...I just found out that I can plug the memory card from our camera right into our I hope to be sharing more photos soon!

I hope that you are having a scrumptious evening!

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