Sunday, 16 November 2008

Popping Up To Say Hello

...well so much for my new months resolution! Well, one of them anyway. I have been happily beavering away for NaNoWriMo and am finding writing really cathartic and exhillerating, but the flipside is that there has not been so much time for blogging.

I hope to better this coming week...

Unfortunately my ear is no better, and I have now yet more antibiotics and a referral to the ENT clinic. Your good wishes have done me so much good though...thank you!

I have also been busy making things for a Christmas Craft Fayre. I am using orphaned books that would have been pulped had I not rescued them. One of the things that I have made, and perhaps my favourite, are little wreaths to hang from door handles or prop on book cases, made from holly leaves punched out of book pages.

We just discovered that we can plug the memory card from our camera right into the laptop, without any leads at all, so I am hoping for this to be a slightly more illustrated blog, too.

I have a rumbly tummy now, so I am going to potter into the kitchen for a Chai Latte, and some scrumptious tiny Cinnamon Rolls that I picked up at Ikea yesterday.

I hope your November is passing in a happy bustle of loveliness too..

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