Friday, 13 February 2009

Catching Up

Today is a rare day off, and it has been a day of catching up, in many ways. Firstly, I had a trip into town and caught up with Mum, which was a wonderful way to spend the morning. We haven't had a Friday to share for a little while, and it does me so much good to spend some time with her, just talking and laughing...and doing a little shopping too! I came home with a Valentine's gift for my lovely husband, and a green mug for me, covered with tiny roses- it is very Cath Kidstony! Oh, and the new Country Living Magazine, which I can barely wait to read!

Now I am back at home, I have been catching up with some of my favourite blogs, something that I do not get to do as often as I would like. I have been playing about with the layout of my blog recently, and I think the next thing I would like to do is have a list of my favourite blogs and websites up, so I can share them all with you. That is a job for another day though, and until then, I must mention which is just the most scrumptious blog! It is full of embroidered-crocheted-vintage gorgeousness! Oh, and whilst catching up, I noticed that there is a new Cath Kidston catalogue out, which I have just ordered.

My next task is, alas, to catch up with my housework! I have book club tonight, and I do like our little flat to be all ship shape and sparkling for guests! Actually, I have to say that there is not a whole lot to be done...sometimes it is just the thought of doing it! I want to run the hoover round, throw out my daffodils, and put out my new bunch (I have been buying daffs from Marks and Sparks as they are on offer for 99p a bunch...but they are terrible quality. They go from bud to bloom overnight, and seem to wilt and wither as they open. So my next bunch has come from the market!)

Our little flat feels ever so cosy just now. Although I do have a little pile of magazines, books and crochet next to my end of the sofa, everything else is in good order, really. I have lots of tiny teeny tea lights scattered about the place, and once it is twilight, I light the room with these and my lamp, rather than the overhead lights, and the glow is so gentle and warm. I have all the windows open now, so I can give the place a good airing, and I must confess that my fingers are starting to turn blue with cold! So I think that I will run round and close all of the windows in a minute, and run a nice hot bath so I can have a dip when I have hoovered and pottered about. I used to hoard all my nicest bubble baths, but recently I think that I should use the special things every day, and enjoy them! So it may be my Cath Kidston lavender bubble bath, my Liberty Rosehip and Clover bath oil, or even my fizzy bath hearts! Whatever it is, I shall turn off the light, light up my candles, and lay back, thinking of all the lovely things to come...

...a rare steak for Valentine's dinner, staying at Carl's parents house over the weekend, and sitting by their fire...a long walk in the crisp cold countryside on Sunday, a cup of vanilla coffee from my new mug...catching up with my friends at work tomorrow...sitting in bed with my crochet tonight, when my bookclub have gone home....a cuddle with my gorgeous godson later....

Wherever you are, although it is cold out there, I hope that you are having a blissful time, and your hot chocolate has marshmallows on it!

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