Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Days of Ice and Snow

As I type this, my fingers are wrinkled with cold, and I can see my breath puffing out in front of me, it is so cold at home. Of course, it is my own fault, but you see, I do so love to give our little flat a really good airing, and the fact that it is 2 degress celcius outside wont stop me!

On Sunday evening, I was not to pleased about the snow, mainly because we were stuck on the M25 in it. We had been to Southampton to celebrate the 21st birthday of my lovely sister-in-law. The family enjoyed the most scrumptious Sunday lunch at a restaurant called Dock Gate 4, and got a great deal of amusement out of the packet of glittery '21's that were scattered across the table. Alas, when we came home, it started to snow, lightly at first, and then whirling flakes falling thickly. It took us four and a half hours to make our way home (it had taken just two to get there!), but there was something really scrumptious and cozy about getting home, making up hot water bottles, and getting into bed with cups of tea, to listen to Radio 4 and get warm. It also made me very glad that I had put all of my fluffy bedsocks in a little shallow basket by the side of my bed for easy access!

On Monday morning, I could not believe how thick the snow was. We could not hear any trains going past, and soon realised that dear Carl would be working from home that day. As for me, I wrapped a scarf around my head, and felt like Little Red Riding Hood, put on the only sensible footwear I could find (some pink trainers! all of my other shoes are high heels, or ballet pumps!)and set off in the snow for work. I love how everything seems softer, quieter, muted. I was one of the first out of my road, and so mine were the first footsteps. Such fun! It wasn't as cold as I thought, or perhaps I had made a good job of wrapping up, but when I got to work, I treated myself to a hot chocolate to warm myself through.

It got worse as the morning wore on, and suddenly, for the first time in my ten years of libraries, we were sent home! An unexpected snow day was such a lovely gift! I scurried home as quickly as I could, but found it slow going- where the snow had been walked upon, it had compacted and got very slippery! I sat on the sofa with dear Carl while he worked, and I crocheted a slipper, just to test out a new pattern. I shall certainly be buying the right sized crochet hook and making some properly! Then we dashed out into the back garden and made a snow man taller than both of us!

Tuesday we both set off for work, although it took me a long time. The buses were running very late indeed, and by the time I got to Danbury I was frozen through. Thankfully the library does not open until the afternoon, so I was not late opening up. The ice seemed even icier, slippier and more unforgiving, if that is possible. Once home, I was utterly exhausted, and after dinner, I snuggled in bed with a hot water bottle, and the most delicious book, which I finished this morning, and highly recommend- A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff.

When I left home this morning, I found that everywhere was hazy, almost misty with cold. The pavements are still sheets of ice, and seem to be getting slidier still! At least, so far, I have not fallen over. Happily today was my half day, and I treated myself to a delightfully silly film (Bride Wards!) and a cup of tea, before hurrying home for a lavender scented bath.

I am hoping very much to go on a snowdrop walk this weekend, and rather fancy making some bread, too. This evening will be another early night with a good book (What Would Audrey Do? by Pamela Keogh) and a hot water bottle.

Oh, someone asked what neeps and tatties are? They are really tasty- potatoes and swede, all mashed together roughly, with a nob of butter, a good grinding of black pepper, and a little grating of nutmeg. Oh, and swede are like turnips. Very tasty indeed. Actually, next time I make some, I think I will make extra, so I can have neeps-and-tatties-bubble-and-squeak the next night!

One last thing- there is a beautiful 'puzzle purse' Valentines card on that I want to try and master. I am going to be all about the handmade this Valentine's Day, and little token gifts. Sadly we do not have a good history to Valentine's Day...I guess it just matters more to me than to Carl. Still, I have lots of lovely little things planned for him. Persephone, my favourite publisher, is offering a wonderful thing, where they will giftwrap any of their books and post it to your valentine along with a note to say not to open it until February 14th. I am torn between sending 'They Knew Mr Knight' to myself, or trying to drop a hint to dear Carl....I suspect in the end I shall do neither, as I have bought too many books this month as it is, and I do hate dropping hints!


laney said...

...i kust love your blog...i look each day hoping that you have posted...have fun in the snow...we go a bit crazy in the southern usa when it snows...but it is so special and beautiful...

Moonroot said...

Oh I do sympathise - I was stuck on the M25 on Sunday too!

However, I was in Barcelona from Tuesday to Friday so I missed the worst of the weather really.