Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Adventures In My Underwear Drawer

Every now and again, I get the urge to make one tiny area of my life just as scrumptious as can be...and this time, prompted by the most awful noise coming from the washing machine, as an underwire from one of my bras had come lose, I decided that it was time my underwear drawer had a birthday!

First things, first, on went some music- and what better than the Puppini Sisters?! Next, I emptied the whole drawer out. Now I have this bad habit of being a hoarder. If I have bought a bra-and-knicker set, I am always loath to throw out the bra becuase the knickers are past their best, or the knickers because the underwire in the bra went. Result? A lot of non-matching underwear! I threw out all my half-a-sets, all of my tights that are laddered just a little bit, that I keep just in case of real emergencies (what kind of emergency would call for just-a-little-ladered-tights I don't know!) and anything that looked tired or faded. Now I know that this throwing out sounds rather extravagant, but I should say that about half of what I threw out, I wasn't actually wearing, because deep down I knew it was past its best. The other half, to my hoarding shame, was underwear that I have had not just since before I got married....but even before I left home!

Now that my shocking nature has been exposed, let me get on to putting things right! I looked over what was left, and made a note of what was missing. Then, I sallied forth to the shops, list in hand, to replenish my drawer. Now I know this is going to sound ever so old-married-ladyish, and shockingly unfrivolous, but I replenished the whole drawer for under £30! New knickers, tights, and bras! I went for servicable...I decided that I would rather have a good plain wardrobe of basics and then enjoy saving up for the special stuff, rather than splurge all at once!

But you know, although it is all rather plain, it is rather scrumptious to open a drawer to see everthing rolled up neatly, and an abundance of all the basics! To know that anything I pull out will be in pristine condition! I find it makes all the difference, knowing that everything I have on that is not seen, is as scrumptious as everything I have on that is seen.

And at one end of the drawer....I did keep a selection of silly, flouncy, frilly, pretty panties....just to raise my spirits every time I open the drawer!

I am so tired with my new job (although I love, love, love it!) that I am trying very hard not to do too much at once, so this making-one-little-bit-at-a-time-scrumptious approach is working well for me. My next plan, is to take the same approach to my wardrobe, in that I am going to throw out all that I have kept, but don't actually wear, and then make a list of things to replenish....although I imagine that the replenishing will take some time....

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