Sunday, 25 January 2009

Burns Night

I must have mentioned before how much I love to mark the passing seasons and days. So, how could I resist celebrating Burns Night tonight?!

It is just a quiet, simple evening with me and my lovely husband, but if we enjoy it, we think we will have our families around next year!

As I type, we have a Haggis steaming in the kitchen, which I shall be serving with buttered neeps and tatties. I know, I know, Haggis is made of squeamish-making things, but really, when you think about it, if you have eaten cheap sausages, then you have eaten far worse than what goes into a Haggis! And once it starts steaming it smells so savoury and good!

Then for dessert, we are having rice pudding with raspberry jam and whiskey, followed by whiskey coffees! It will just be a nip in mine, as I don't normally like it that much...

As we serve the Haggis, we will play bagpipe music (courtesy of youtube!) and Carl is charged with reciting Robbie Burns Haggis poem....

Such fun!

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Anonymous said...

I've from America. What's neeps and tatties?