Sunday, 11 January 2009

A Clean Sweep!

Once I start my new job, I will be working three Saturdays a month, instead of the two I do now, so our original plan for today was to really relax and make the most of my last Saturday-Sunday weekend for a while.

I just couldn't settle into it though- we still had a few Christmas presents which needed homes, and I wanted to hoover too. So, I went to the shop first thing, and when all the groceries were put away, I put away the rest of the presents, dusted, hoovered, tidied and puttered, and now our little flat is just as scrumptious as can be.

We have the lantern burning again, and I am sipping tea as I type. I bought some blood oranges at the shop (although they are now, curiously called 'ruby red' oranges) and spotted some sevilles, too. I love to make marmalade, and wonder, could I make it out of blood oranges, or would it be too sweet? Hmmm, I feel a little internet research is called for. I am going to spend next Sunday making some marmalade and perhaps lemon curd, and I hope to be knitting on a new project by then as well.

Having made our little flat all ready for another week, I have read through the new issue of Country Living magazine. What a delicious treat that magazine is! It makes me feel so...centered and enthusiastic for the coming months.

I am doing an early start at work tomorrow, so it will be an early night for me. Sleep tight, sweet dreams everyone!

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Moonroot said...

I have made marmalade out of a selection of different citrus (it was a last minute improvisation as I didn't have enough Seville oranges). I included Sevilles, lemons, an ordinary orange and a couple of clementines, and it turned out to be my favourite marmalade ever! Pity I didn't write down the exact proportions...
So the short answer is I would think you could make blood orange marmalade, but it will likely turn out a bit sweeter than Seville.