Saturday, 10 January 2009

Snuggly Evening

I love the wonderful world of blogs and blogging, of wonderful friends made here, of such kind comments left here...but I do wish, wish, wish I could somehow have you all here with me right now.

I sometimes think that I use the word cosy too much (and I can never decide how to spell it...cozy, cozie, cosie, cosy?) but I feel that if you could snip a little patch out of life and sew it to a quilt, and I chose this time to snip, then you would look at it and cosy would be the perfect word. I am sitting on my sofa with my wonderful husband by my side. I am sipping tea from a flowery mug given to me by one of my loveliest friends, and dear Carl is watching the West Wing boxed set that Santa left for him at Christmas. We have all the lights off, apart from the lamp he gave me for Christmas, which give such a soft warm light. We have this beautiful lantern, aged metal and glass, the kind that looks like it should hang on a pole and be taken carol singing...there is a candle flickering away in there which adds to my feeling of warmth and light.

There is the soft scent of amber in the air from where I have burnt a little incense, and a bunch of pink tulips on the windowsill (from my wonderful sister, who appeared at work within an hour of hearing about a fall on the ice that I had, bearing flowers, chocolates, and Finding Nemo plasters-neemo for my knee!)I have made out my menu plan for next week, so I am ready to go to the shop tomorrow morning, and I have a deep conditioning hair mask on under my pink bath hat.

Everything is so warm and soft and...cosy. I really wish I could have you here so I could share this with you, I really do.

As blogging technology hasn't got quite as far as that yet, instead I will share with you a few of my discoveries of the past week. Firstly, the scrummiest lunch ever. I spread a seeded wrap with caramelised onion hoummous, and then spread a handful of lettuce over it, topped with grated carrot, then rolled it up. It is so tasty, and has the benefit of being really healthy too! Hurrah!

Secondly, I have so many wonderful people in my life. After I fell on the ice going home from work, Carl picked me up, got me home, into bed, cooked me dinner and gave me a hot water bottle. My Mum phoned me at work the next day to make sure I was ok, and I already mentioned my wonderful sister. My Uncle passed away on Sunday evening, and one friend used the most beautiful words to comfort me. My mother-in-law asked me to visit and make my petit pots au chocolat for her dinner party this evening! My lovely friend Annastasia sent me an email telling me I looked fab, just as I was having a crisis of confidence. Lovely Dan is taking me see Twilight after work on Tuesday (can't wait!) and a lovely lady has offered to have me at her library for a week so I can learn the ropes from her before starting in my own little library!

I could go on, and on, and on...but I won't because I am sure it doesn't make for gripping reading! Instead, I will move on to letting you all know that the Daily Mail is giving away dvds of classic costume dramas over the next week, starting with Cranford! I do love free things!

When I go to the shop tomorrow to buy our groceries, I plan to bring home armfuls of daffodils and some hyacinths to scent our little flat. When I was at my mother-in-law's this morning, she had some blue hyacinths in a pot, and then a bunch of daffodils in a blue-and-white-polka-dot jug, and they looked wonderful.

I plan to spend the rest of the evening searching the internet for a hot water bottle pattern to knit, and then a warm shower to rinse the mask out of my hair before climbing into bed with a good book.

I hope that your Saturday is proving to be as cosy and scrumptious as can be!


a pink-bee said...

Oh what a cosy post ~ that is one of my favorite words too ~ as I am sure ALL who know me are aware :).
Today I will bundle up and go out into the freezing garden and plant an armload of daffodils. (will share about it on my blog soon).
So sorry you tumbled on the ice ~ very scary ~
Have a cozy week :)

Midori said...

I love to hear more about your menu planning. I'm always fascinated by how other people plan their meals.