Wednesday, 21 January 2009


One blog that I love to read is Yarnstorm, by Jane Brocket, who wrote one of the most divine books...The Gentle Art of Domesticity. She recently moved her blog, and now writes here:

It is still scrumptious as ever, but sadly, the archives are no longer there. Jane posted ages ago about a poem, Making Cocoa For Kingsley Amis, and knitting a hot water bottle cover to match the covers of the fabulous Persephone books.

At the time, I tried to read a Dorothy Whipple (one of the Persephone books) and just couldn't get into it. At all. I was so disappointed...I wanted to read these books and knit these things....but somehow couldn't.

Time moves on, people change...I have long since been in love with Dorothy Whipple's writing. I was walking home from work in the gathering twilight the other evening, and although I was enjoying the shadows and play of dark upon dark, the pools of light from lamposts, the biting cold...I couldn't wait to get home, put on the whistling kettle, and settle down with 'They Were Sisters' and then knit some more on my hot water bottle cover. All of a sudden, I remembered about when I wanted to do these things, but couldn't make it work for me. I have grown into doing them, being them, loving them, and I couldn't be happier.

If you haven't yet discovered do...and any Dorothy Whipple book you care to choose, should you be at the right time in your life to read it, you will adore. How could you not?!

Pics of hot water bottle cover when it is finished. It is a chalky duck-egg blue, soft and snuggly, with some polka dot buttons, some plain, and I am going to make a great big corsage to go on it as well.

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Flossy said...

I'm going to have to find these books - I hope we have them in Australia! Looks like a trip to the library is in order...