Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fabulous Friday, Wonderful Wednesday

Although I do adore my new job, I do miss having every other Friday to spend with my Mum. Instead, it is one Friday a month. The good thing is that we really make them count! This last Friday started a little rockily, as my bus was half an hour late, and I got heckled by some drunk tramps for that time, but once I reached my destination, the day was just lovely. First Mum and Dad and I shared a cup of coffee in my favourite coffee shop. It is a little independent shop, and the view out of the window is the beautiful church opposite, and the heavenly florist next door. They do a 'Continental Coffee' which is coffee with cream and chopped nuts, utter bliss!

After this, Dad went home and Mum and I went on to Tiptree. There is a veritable Aladin's Cave of a craft shop, and we spent a happy hour in there. I got some wool for a present I am making, in shades of dusky plum and muted lilac, as well as some ribbon, marabou feathers and tiny diamantes for my Easter project. Then we went on to Perrywood which is my favourite nursery. It is a real tonic, just wandering around you breathe more deeply and gently and relax right away. We decided to go back into the town where we had started the day with coffee, to look in the charity shops, and to go into the florist, as it stocks the most wonderful old fashioned things for Easter. I came away with plenty of treasures, and when it came time to go home, rather than go on the bus, Mum drove me back so I did not have to carry my little hoard!

Because I will be working on Saturday, I get a day off in the week, and today is one of those days. I am making a real effort not to do too much on these days, as it is so easy to rush around and wear myself out! We had a flat inspection due sometime this afternoon, so I didn't really want to be out for that, so a day puttering at home it was to be. Bliss! I finished knitting and sewing together a hot water bottle cover that a friend at work asked me to make for her, and then crocheted most of one half of a pair of slippers. I just have two rows to go in slip stitch edging, so I shall do that in a bit. My friend Angela came for lunch, and we had a lovely time sipping tea, and nibbling on a chicken salad and catching up. I have some potatoes baking in the oven for tea later (I am going to scoop them out, mash them, then refill them with some left over vegetarian shepherds pie filling, top them with the potato and put them back in the oven) and plan to make a cup of tea in a moment. Later on I will be working on my Easter project, and I think a long hot bath is on the cards later....

Wherever you are, I hope that the sun is shining on you and you are having a wonderful day too.


Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hello there Mimi, I love your scrapbook full of insprational pictures idea; I think I'll make one myself. It sounds as if you had a truly lovely, lazy Friday. Lucky Duck!

Tash said...

Reading your post really made me miss my Mum, the way you make such an effort to see her is wonderful.

We're on different continents right now, but when I am home, my Mum and I hit up a bagel store that strangely has the best coffee in Sydney.

Sounds like a wonderful day off and I see no mention of a laptop in sight. I think I need to take a page out of your great book.