Sunday, 1 March 2009

Scrumptious Sunday

Although there is a (rather large) part of me that longs to have proper two day weekends every week, instead of once a month, I have to say that in a way, having so weekends off has made me determined to spend the weekends I do have, and my singular Sundays on their own to be the most scrumptious possible. I hope that if and when I do have more two day weekends I will continue to keep them special...but in the meantime, here is my scrumptious Sunday.

There was only time for a very short lay in, but as we woke up later than usual anyway, I didn't mind too much. Of course we started the day with a cup of tea, because really, there is no other way to start, and then while Carl took himself off for a shower, I sat and sipped my tea while listening to Radio 4 and reading Marie Claire (which has a free tube of Neals Yard Frankincense Face Cream with it this month!) and then took myself off for a shower. I have some Amazing Grace conditioner by Philosophy which leaves my hair baby soft and smelling so lovely, so I decided to treat myself to a squirt.

Then dear Carl and I set out to town, and arrived at Loch Fyne just as they opened their doors, for breakfast. Ever since hearing that they do breakfast, I have wanted to go, as it is one of my favourite restaurants. We both ordered poached smoked haddock with a poached egg, and had toast and jam to start. The jam was those tiny little glass jars of Wilkin and Sons jam, which always makes me smile as we gave these as favours at our wedding!

It was blissful just sitting and sipping coffee, nibbling on toast and talking away. After that, it was on to the cinema, where we saw The International- Carl's choice of film I hasten to add! He really enjoyed it, I less so....although the story was well thought out, it was violent in places (I had to hide my face in my pashmina at one point!) and I did not think the ending was a very positive one....

We stopped to collect the Sunday papers before returning home to share them. Somehow the afternoon drifted away, but so pleasurably. I had a dip in the bath (yes I know I had a shower earlier...I just find a warm bath so relaxing!) and then made dinner. I can't remember if I have shared this recipe just in case not:

Mimi's Potato and Onion Comfort Bake

1) Put on your floweriest pinny and preheat the oven to 150 oC
2) Peel 3-4 medium potatoes, and slice as thinly as you can
3) Peel 2 medium onions and cut them into thin half moons
4) Layer in an ovenproof dish potatoes then onions, potatoes then onions, then potatoes again
5) Pour over 1 cup of stock
6) Cover with foil and bake in the oven for an hour
7) Take yourself off to read The Bolter by Frances Osborne
8) Take the foil off, and pour over a tin of macaroni cheese
9) Turn the heat up to 175 oC and bake for 20 minutes more
10) At the same time, slip some organic sausages into the oven to bake

This makes enough for two generous servings, and then leftovers for another night for too as well!

Other things that are making me smile this Sunday are your lovely comments. It is so lovely to hear from people, to realise that there are actually people who take a few minutes out of their day to visit me here. I once read a blog that started off as a beautiful read, but sadly the authoress became completely obsessed with how many comments she did or did not get. The blog really suffered for it, and I really don't want that to happen here, so I do try ever so hard not to think about comments too much...but I can't tell you how lovely it is to know that my words don't just go out into cyberspace, but to lovely ladies who read them!

Also, a dear friend has just booked the two of us onto the most wonderful day course imaginable! At the end of May, she and I will be taking a trip to Norwich to learn vintage hair and makeup techniques of the 40s and 50s! Think red lipstick and finger waved hair! I can hardly wait!

I hope this post does not sound too smug...there has been plenty of daily rounds and work this week, but when I have days as lovely as this, I just really want to share them with you! I hope that wherever you are you are having a wonderful weekend...


Midori said...

What a lovely sounding day. I do think breakfast is by far the best meal of the day to eat out. you msut tkae photographs when you go on your 40s make up day and post tips for the rest of us!

Flossy said...

Mimi, I adore reading your blog because your life is so very different from my own these days.

Reading what you write keeps my imagination sparked and I remember that I still want to get my own life back to a gentler, prettier way...

Vintage Kitten said...

Your day sounds just perfect (and not at all smug) its lovely to read such a nice cheerful post. And your potato bake, what can I say, too delicious for words X