Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Mimi Cocktail

One of my best favourite things in the world are cocktails. Not nasty cocktails that I see advertised in Wetherspoon's window, made with dubious things such as red bull and reef, but proper, grown up, Miss-Pettigrew-Lives-For-A-Day cocktails. One of the loveliest blogs that I have found recently is which is a lovely, glamorous exploration of tipples that have me reaching for my cocktail shaker.

In one of the Hamish Macbeth novels that I have been devouring lately, one of the characters has a shock when she really 'sees' herself for the first time, and I have often thought that there are two versions of ourselves- the self we see, and the self that the world sees.

Now when I think about the Mimi that I like to think I might present to the world, even if only in glimpses, I realised that I am inspired by a veritable cocktail of women! So here is my recipe for a Mimi Cocktail!

Take a shake of Nigella and a dash of Sophie Dahl, and stir together with a splash of Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Sprinkle over some Kirstie Allsopp, and swirl together with some Honey Blennerhesket (from The Little Lady Agency novels!). Pour into a martini glass, and garnish with a little Dita Von Teese, and serve with a tray of Puppini Sister chocolates!

Do tell me what goes into your own wonderful cocktail!


The Vintage Kitten said...

A Mimi cocktail sounds wonderful. A sprinkling of glamour on a Friday night always starts the weekend in Chez Kitten! Pop round for cocktails anytime X

Anonymous said...

What an interesting idea!! I'm going to have to do some thinking of what kind of mixture I am.

Chris in Canada

Moonroot said...

I do love the recipe for your cocktail. It sounds so chic and glamorous - I'm afraid my own recipe would be much less so!
Hmmm - perhaps a base of Good Life era Felicity Kendall with a pinch of Scarlett from Four Weddings and a Funeral, shaken together with a dash of Kirsty MacColl and a garnish of Stevie Nicks? Or something like that!