Monday, 24 October 2011

Blog Milestone!

I have just noticed that 'Cupcake Conversation Starter' was my 126th post of the year! Back in 2006 I posted 125 times, so this has been my most-blogged-about year so far! I think this calls for some kind of celebration, what do you think?

I have never done this before, but I have seen it done on other blogs and really liked it, so I am going to give it a go! A giveaway! A little package with a few of my favourite things in it, mainly a surprise, I think, but there will definitely be tea!

To enter, just leave a comment, and I will use one of those random number generators to choose the winner. How about Bonfire Night as the last date for entering? That should give everybody who would like to play a chance to enter!

Really, just as a little thank you to those of you who come here to read, and also to those of you who leave me comments. It is always so special and lovely when you share your thoughts with me, so thank you! And a big thank you to all of you who have emailed me, I will be sending replies very soon!


Moey said...

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Jackie said...

Hi Mimi!

Please add my name to the draw.

Congratulations on your milestone, and I hope your next blogging year brings you good news and good luck.


Stadsmuissie said...

I always read your blog, so of course, count me in!

X Debby

Hausfrau said...

Well, I don't know when Bonfire Night is, but please considered me entered, if it's not too late! :)

Yvonne said...

Mimi, I can't believe you have blogged 126 times this year. Good for you! Hope you find your dream job soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You have such a wonderful blog and I enjoy reading your posts so much.


Dinahsoar said...

I'm behind in my reading and was scrolling down your blog to see where to start and noted your giveaway. Of course I had to leave a comment so I might have a chance to win. What fun!

Nita in South Carolina said...

Hi Mimi! I love your blog, especially your lovely descriptions of the changing seasons. I always look forward to new posts from you.

Maria said...

Every milestone is great, congratulations! And for your lovely writing too!