Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day

Before I do go and make that cup of tea, I want to share this link with you as I do firmly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It helps to have a good breakfast inside you, as you never know quite what the day is going to bring....enjoy! x


Ann said...

wow that breakfast link is amazing!!!!! Thank u!

Jackie said...

Hi Mimi.
I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you and your family are going through.

It is heartbreaking to watch a loved one suffer, and mental illness is such a difficult thing for all involved to deal with.

I'm glad you decided to confide in your readers. My husband has suffered from depression for twenty years now and when it first happened we knew no one who had suffered with such problems. Until that is we started telling people about what we were going through. Then nearly everyone we spoke to had a story about someone they knew, or even themselves having been through it.

We decided then that we would never make a secret of his problems and would be as open and matter of fact about it all as we could. And it's surprising how many friends have come back to us at a later stage and asked for advice, or just an ear to listen to what has happened in their world.

Mental health problems are an illness just as much as something physical. Often they are difficult to diagnose, as with your poor Dad, or even if diagnosed they can be very difficult to treat, to find the right thing for that person.

I feel so much for your Mum too. How awful for her to feel as she does, understandably.

I hope that the right Doctor appears for your Dad.

And to those who are lucky enough to have never seen or experienced mental problems, please don't dismiss them with a 'pull yourself together' attitude. They would if they could, believe me. These illnesses swallow up whole families.

All my thoughts are with you and all your family.