Monday, 3 October 2011

A Scattering of Free Things

Who doesn't love Cath Kidston? Who doesn't love free things? And free Cath Kidston things...well they are high on my list of favourite free things, and this weekend you too can partake of them. The Daily Telegraph is giving away two free booklets, one on Saturday, the other on Sunday. One is 'Gifts' and the other is 'Home' and features patterns for things to make from Cath Kidston.

I have all of her books so far, and am eagerly awaiting the publication of Patch later this month. I rather suspect that Gifts and Home will be compilations of her previous books, but no matter! Always nice to have a little freebie! Each booklet has 52 pages and are called 'make and sew' so no need to be put off if you are not handy with needle and thread.

The other lovely thing is that about 4 times a year, Cath Kidston produces a little magazine. Now obviously there is a lot to buy in it, and it reads partly like a catalogue, but there are lots and lots of extras...sometimes you get a recipe, sometimes there is a book group, sometimes a free idea for a craft project. It is really lovely, and best of all, free! The only thing is that you can't, as far as I can see, register to get one automatically each time it is released, instead, you have to remember to go to the website and order one. But that is really very little work! Just visit and click on the 'request magazine' button.

The wonderful people at Persephone produce a similar magazine twice a year, and they send it to people who have bought books from them previously within the last year or so. Worth buying a book for just for this, really. I have yet to buy a Persephone book that I have not loved!

Oh, and on my walk to a meeting this morning, I came across a garden that had bags of windfall cooking apples and a sign asking people to please help themselves. Isn't that lovely? I am glad I picked up a bag then, as when I walked home earlier, they had all gone.

Now I am off into the kitchen to turn some old bananas into Caribbean Banana Muffins, and then it is back to work! I hope you are having a lovely sunny Monday,


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Hausfrau said...

Yay for Persephone! I rarely seem to get my Cath magazines, even when I order them alongside paid merchandise--they always tell me they will "ship later," but that doesn't seem to happen. *sigh*