Saturday, 25 August 2012

After The Storm

We have just had a thunderstorm which rumbled on for nearly an hour, the lightning flashes feeling as though they were getting more violent and the thunder louder and louder. The rain came down so very fine at first, it was almost a mist, and then hard, really pelting down. We kept our window open throughout, and now the air is cool and scented with the rain, which is now falling just occasionally, almost as an afterthought.

A stormy summer afternoon is a nice time to be home, and I have spent it designing a mug-hug patterned with owls in cable stitch - the first time I have designed and made a piece of knitting, rather than following a set pattern, drinking tea, watching an old Bond film, and pottering about on the internet, visiting favourite sites and discovering new ones.

I have always like the idea of paper dolls, and imagine my delight when I found this website and then this one I love the combination of a little bit of story and the paper doll together. It has given me thoughts for future projects. I seem to have a lot of those swirling round in my mind at the moment!

I also found a new website about being a housewife (although I have a full time paid job outside of the home, I do still very much consider myself a housewife, as well)

Visiting Attic24, an old favourite, a while ago, she talked about the idea of thinking about 'home blessing' rather than 'chores' or 'jobs'. I have been working a lot of hours at work recently, so took Friday off, and devoted much of it to 'home blessing' and really enjoyed it. I did a great deal of decluttering and a fair amount of cleaning, took some donations to the charity shop, and ended the day feeling pleased with my efforts. Our home always feels lighter, somehow, after that kind of activity. Carl told me not to use a day off for cleaning and housework, and to do something for myself, but I actually really enjoyed having a good chunk of time to devote to some jobs which have been niggling at me for a while, but I find myself too tired to tackle in the evenings. I was most happy at conquering Magazine Mountain and now having carpet which had been hidden for a while! I did go into town afterwards for some lunch (a very late lunch, at 4:00!).

Next on my list is to go through my clothes, bring out the more autumny ones, look at what I haven't worn for a while, and think about what I might like in the future. I love the feeling of the changing of the seasons, the setting aside, the bringing out anew. I am really starting to get that back-to-school feeling already. Next time I am at the market I want to look for a big bunch of sunflowers to bless our home with, or a bunch of bronzey chrysanthemums which will make me want to read Mrs Miniver again.

Now I am going to sit and write up my owl mug-hug pattern. Wherever you are, I hope you dodged the raindrops!

Love Mimi xxx

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Yvonne said...

I too love the Betsy McCall's paper dolls. I now have a granddaughter to share my passions with. I enjoyed your post. As always!