Saturday, 10 June 2006

Inspired By...You, and You, and You!

Hello lovelies

It is simply the most blissful June afternoon that there ever was- I hope you are enjoying it!

I treated myself to the new 'She' magazine and read this on the first page:

Long, hot days and langurous, balmy evenings are what we look forward to this month in SHE. Relax, kick off your shoes, and take it slow, as novelist Rachel Billington suggests. Dress easy from our selection of summer frocks, eat light from our luscious berry recipes and appreciate the glory of grand British Gardens. Enjoy your month, for summer comes but once a year.'

Now this just sums up summer for me, and how I am feeling. Langurous, luscious, are they not wonderful words? I do want to kick off my shoes to walk on soft warm grass! I do want to feast on berries, and float round in pretty frocks, I do!

It occurred to me yesterday afternoon, while I had the entire contents of my wardrobe strewn over the bed, divided into piles ('charity shop' 'skirts' 'dresses' 'tops' 'party clothes' 'winter clothes' 'when I lose a few more pounds' and 'ooops, Carls, how did that get in here?!') that the blogs I read really do inspire me. This bout of wardrobe organizing was inspired by who has summer clothes and winter clothes, and a wonderfully organized wardrobe. This is the blog of a friend, and she always looks stunning and so well put together, so I have taken a leaf out of her book.

Since reading http:/ I have read a few of the Persephone books- oh, the unutterable bliss of Persephone books! I have started taking the Persephone Quarterly newsletter, which always makes me smile. Through yarnstorm, I read Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day which I thought was one of the most wonderful books I have read- right up there with The Enchanted April.

I have also made yarnstorms rock cakes that she posted a recipe for back in the autumn- scrummy! has such wonderful pictures, and has me plotting to make pretty floral covers for the arms of my sofa from Cath Kidston material. And to use the leftover scraps to make some bunting for high days and holidays... today has me bound and determined to go home and make a blackberry and apple crumble-pie.

So many other things you have all posted have sparked off some thought in my mind, led me to read something new, try a new recipe, so many things. Brocante Home and sweet Alison have helped me find my feet and puts words to so many feelings I have had.

So thank you all for your lovely blogs and the inspirations I continually find there!

Now lets get out there and enjoy this gorgeous weather while it lasts!

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Daisy Lupin said...

Me, too, I find I am inspired by blogspots. I also started last quarter, thanks to Yarnstorm, subcribing to the Persephone Books Quarterly Newsletter, and also got their catalogue- oh dear! I want them all. A book you might like, if you enjoy the sort of books persephone do, is 'The Fountain Overflows' by Rebecca West, published by Virago, but you might be able to pick up a secondhand copy or get one out of the library. Do try it, I adored it. I also found myself pulling last autumn's apples out of the freezer and making an apple and almond crumble for today, thanks to Vintage Pretty. What would we do without these sources of inspiration?