Saturday, 10 June 2006


...was my day off- I rose early, and got to work on (belated!) Spring Cleaning.

And it was wonderful! I had every window thrown wide open, washing flapping on the line outside, and got so much done. Sometimes when the spirit moves you, everything seems easier somehow.

The bathroom is now a delight to be in. I cannot claim credit wholly, as dear Carl did the actual cleaning- I did the going through the cupboards throwing out all the stuff that gets accumulated (five bottles of bubble bath with half a centimetre left in each!) and reorganizing it and making it lovely. All my makeup is in the same place! All the lipsticks are together, all the eye pencils, all the masacaras. It was like playing makeup counter!

Then, the kitchen. I got carried away, and reorganized the dry goods cupboard, the spice-and-herb collection, the crockery, the lot! The kettle and coffee maker got moved, as did the tea making accoutrements; the microwave got moved, all have new homes.

Then onto my wardrobe, everything out! Things sorted and piles made, order gently falling on everything like a soft summer rain. The bedroom- sheets changed, pile of books and magazines and needlepoint that always appear next to my side of the bed dispersed to their homes.

Sadly I only got to plan the living room- that comes tonight or tomorrow. I did put a vase of bronze chryanthemums with orange tips on each end of the living room window, and a small glass of them on the living room table though. Next will be the bookshelf, and the craft pile.

I feel so much better for it. I feel like having stirred everything up, our sweet little flat is really breathing again.

I also found a cute little picture of dear Carl as a baby- you can really tell it is him. On the subject of photos....should I post one soon? Well, perhaps. There is one picture I like, but it is four years old now and not very true at all to how I look now- but I do love how straight my hair looks in it! Perhaps a new photo needs to be procured, then I can wrestle with the scanner at work, and introduce myself properly to my fellow lovely bloggers!

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~ Tracy ~ said...

Yes, please DO post a photo. :)

Beginning tomorrow I am going through every nook & cranny in our home. My husband is away for 2 weeks, so I can declutter with abandon!