Thursday, 8 June 2006

Scarf Signature

One of the first 'Mimi Says' pieces that I wrote for the wonderful Alison at Brocante Home was about finding your personal signature- be it a particular colour, recipe, item of clothing- anything that is just you. I often think back to my scribblings- and just recently I have been noticing a new signature evolving for me.

Over the last few weeks I have taken to wearing scarves more often. I never used to be able to carry them off- I always felt a bit clumsy in them. But suddenly, they make me feel good, and when I wear them, I get compliments on them. Most of my scarves have been presents (a shocking pink pashmina from dear Agnes at work; a pink net scarf embroidered with tiny clusters of rosebuds with a green scalloped edging from lovely Carl's parents, and a thai silk scarf in the most wonderful sky blue from Carl's kind sister). I also have a cream pashmina, and a stole that I crocehted for myself.

So perhaps other people see me as a 'scarf' person, and now I am beginning to 'grow into them' as it were.

Today I am wearing the long pink scarf, tied around my head almost like an alice band. The knit is under one ear, but hidden by my hair, and the lengths trail over my right shoulder. I have my new side swept fringe loose, and the rest of the hair flicking out. I am wearing a long pink flowered skirt (one of those tiered ones), a white vest top and flowery flip flops.


VintagePretty said...

I don't quite know what my signature style is, possibly food, probably my love of all things hippyish when it comes to clothing (in summer at least, in winter I become more 1940's chic!). One thing that doesn't suit me is a hat, of any sort, so I've given up on those completely.

One day you'll have to post a picture! Have a good weekend.

ms*robyn said...

my style changes with the wind - I am a dabbler. I am wearing scarves at the moment but around my neck to keep the cold out. oh & do we get to see a photo soon?