Saturday, 24 June 2006

Myriad Musings

I seem to do my best thinking in the quiet time just before the library closes. Perhaps it is reflecting back on the day leads to deeper reflection?

My first musing is upon making things and crafting. How precious it is to hold something in your hands that someone else has made. To hold their skill, the evenings or afternoons it took them to make it. It means even more if that person is connected to you some how. Now I know that we appreciate the handmade here, but it bothers me slightly that it is not taught in schools. I think that if more children learn to make things, perhaps they will learn the value of things more, too. And feel more fulfilled because they can do more than buy, buy, buy.

Which brings me on to my other musing. The last two weeks I have had little money to spend, and have somehow got used to not spending. And now that pay day is here again, just spending seems odd. This is a good thing, I think.

I also love June. I love the soft fruits that are so abundance, the sunlight, the breeze, the alive feeling that June brings sweeping with her.

We are going to go strawberry picking tomorrow- our farm shop grows them on tables, so no bending down!

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