Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A Change of Habit

It feels like a big step into the scary unknown, this. You see, I like to sit down and plan a weeks worth of menus, compile a shopping list from this, and then take my basket and go shopping.

But recently we have felt more and more uncomfortable about using supermarkets, and shopping in a less regimented way sounds so much fun when you read 'French Women Don't Get Fat'....so we are trying something a little different.

Tonight on the way home, I will be popping into the Co-Op (our shop of choice because of their ethical policies!) to pick up a few bits such as loo roll and so on that we need for the next few days. At lunch time I bought some bread from the bakers, and some steak from the market for dinner tonight.

For the first time in a long time, I do not know what dinner will be tomorrow night! Or the night after! I plan to go to the market and see what looks nicest. Such a simple thing maybe, but it does feel scary! I think perhaps I shall take the 'sting' out of it by having my store cupboard well stocked with staples that I can whip up into something tasty should I need too...

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