Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Although I am very happy to get engrossed in a complicated project, I also love things that are less effort but look like they have taken a lot!

My recent discovery is hot fruit salad. It is really scrumptious, quick and easy, but feels really luxurious and special!

Melt a small knob of butter in a frying pan until it goes all frothy and foamy. Drop in your choice of whatever of these you have laying about- tinned pineapple pieces, sliced strawberries, banana and/or cherries (with the fresh fruit it works better with elderly fruit that you might otherwise not have fancied). Give it a good shake about in the pan, a very light sprinkling of caster sugar, and a slosh of cointreau or whatever you fancy.

Give it the odd shake until it smells so delicious you don’t want to wait to eat it any more, (and my, it does smell good- the strawberries give a heavenly jammy scent, and the bananas smell almost of caramel…) then shake it out of the pan into a bowl, making sure you get all of the cointreauy juices out!

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Tash said...

That sounds so nice! I'll definitely give that a go :)