Monday, 25 June 2007

Technical Hitch!

Pictures, snaps, photographs….alas! I so wanted to show you two shelves on my book case! On Sunday morning, before dashing out of the door to London, I captured my ‘display’ bookshelf with the vintage handbag, powder-puff, biography of Marilyn, and cake stand with twinkly jewellery, and my vintage book shelf.

My vintage bookshelf has a large cream flowerpot filled with all my knitting needles of many different sizes, a hand-crocheted doily that a sweet friend made for me, a blue and white vase filled with Sweet Williams, and a selection of my favourite old books.

But alas, although dear Carl took the camera with him to his parents (where there is internet access!) to download the pictures and email them to me, he quite forgot to do it!

So another week will go by before I can show you pictures…but by then I may have taken some of my new flowery coat as well!

Instead I shall tell you about my adventures yesterday. I was lucky enough to be taken up to London to have some lunch and then see the Reduced Shakespeare Company perform his complete works in 97 minutes! (And the did Hamlet three times forward…and once backwards!) It was very tongue-in-cheek but really funny, and the Arts Theatre is a lovely, cosy little place. It was wonderful to wander about London, and as it was raining I was wearing my lovely flowery raincoat, so I was quiet happy!

My best bit of the day was when I realised we were walking past a really quite huge Boarders shop! Mum has been in to one and told me how wonderful it is, but I had yet to have the pleasure! We went in and much to my delight I scooped up the new issue of Martha Stewart Living, BluePrint, Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion, and the US edition of Country Living. Yes, I had forsworn magazines, but two of them were for my Mum, and the other two I have never seen before, only lusted over having seen them on the internet!

There were lots of opportunities for people watching, which is quite one of my favourite things to do. There was a goth girl with a skirt so short I was worried she would catch a chill, and the most amazing hair-do that must have taken ages. While we were eating lunch, I closed my eyes just to listen to all the different accents around me.

When I got home at seven, I was so tired! A lovely day, but perhaps the rain, and the trains or maybe just being out in London had drained me somewhat. So a supper of cottage pie (home made, from the freezer) a cup of hot, lovely tea, and bed….bliss!

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Felicia said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure. I'm a sucker for pretty magazines too :)