Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Splish Splash

Is it me, or does it feel like it has been raining all the time just recently? I feel like I have gone to work in the rain, popped out at lunch time in the rain, and come home in the rain.

This morning was particularly wet and windy, and I felt like Medusa as I walked to work, with my hair blown all over the place. The rain makes me wish I had a pair of flowery wellies, so they may be my next acquisition. I love looking at what people are wearing in wet weather. There are all manner of cheery raincoats, wellies and umbrellas bobbing about.

My own umbrella is black with cream polka dots of different shapes all over it, but I spied a beautiful brolly scattered with pink gerberas, and a pretty stripey umbrella too. There are several schools on my way to work, so there were plenty of Thomas the Tank brollies, and wellies with frogs and so on upon them.

It was rather nice listening to the different rain sounds too. There was the tip tap tippity tap of spindly fingers on my window pane before I went out; then there was the soft pitter patter of rain on my umbrella, and the splish splash as I walked through the puddles. There was the gurgling of drains, and the swish-splash of windscreen wipers.

The sky is grey, and it is just the evening for curling up and snuggling. I am going to break away from my cup of tea this evening, and instead have a cup of milky coffee, and snuggle up in bed with my latest Jane Austen mystery, Jane and the Barque of Frailty.

I am definitley going to do something for my Scrumptious Every Day Challenge, but I still have not settled upon what. So for today I shall just post here that my Scrumptious Treat for today was to treat myself to some chocolate-covered-sesame-snaps for my tea break, and to choose a book of poetry from the library to work my way through. It is funny, I did not like T.S. Eliot (but love, love, loved Yeats!) when I did him for A Levels, but after reading a poem that he wrote to his wife, he has grown on me. I have chosen an anthology of mixed poets, so I can try some new things. I had forgotten how much I like poetry until I sat in my tea break, sipping tea, nibbling my snack and reading Christina Rosetti.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi! When I was in college
(1980s, yikes!), Yeats' daughter (daughter in law? can't quite remember) Grania Yeats came to our college. She has set some of his poetry to the harp. It was beautiful.

I love rain sounds too! Unfortunately this part of the US is in a drought, and rainy days have been rare this year.

Have a great day!
Nita in SC

fairycakegirl said...

To learn how to read and appreciate poetry is one of my targets for 2008!

Anita said...

Lots of moisture here, but it's all been the frozen kind!
The sound of light rain on an umbrella is one of my favorite sounds! :)
used to write poetry, won the Poet of the Year award at my college, but in the last few years have let it go by the wayside... I have been thinking lately that I'd like to get back to it...