Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Still Here, Not Washed Away In The Rain

I think it is the rain, the pittering, pattering of raindrops, that are somehow mesmerising me and bending time. It feels like it has been raining every day for weeks on end. It feels like January has been going on forever. It hasn't though, has it? It feels like I posted only yesterday, but I rather think it must be longer! I have emails to answer, things to do. But the pitter, patter, drip, drop carries me away instead.

This morning, it was the first day in a long time that I have stepped out to work and it has not been raining. My gasp was partly in surprise at the lack of rain, and partly in surprise at how c.o.l.d. it is!

Today is a drifting day. My eyes are sleepy and heavy, and I am sitting on my sofa, breathing in the scent of deep red roses that dear Carl brought home for me last week. I have flitted from favourite blog to favourite blog to new blog, and I thought I would just post a few words here. This isn't a real, proper post, just to let you know I am still here, really.

I got my hair trimmed today, and have been making plans for Easter goodies. Oh, and when I walked through the park yesterday, there was a duck with his bottom in the air, wiggling and grubbing away with his beak in the crack where the pavement meets the grass in a muddy puddle for worms. That made me smile so much. The park made me smile again this morning, when I spied a dusting of bright gold on the far river bank- the yellow crocuses are starting to come up. (Crocuses? Croci??) I adore these flowers. When they start to come up, I like to watch to see which colours appear first, and then watch for the bunches of daffodils which are sure to follow in the shops shortly afterwards.

I purchased just over 100 coathangers favourite girly boutique shop is closing down, and they ebayed all their lovely hangers. Heavy wooden hangers, and also those delightful padded ones with little gold clips. Bliss for the wardrobe, but how to sneak them in without Mr Carl noticing?

Talking of whom, he has his head rested on my shoulder while I am typing, all warm and heavy, but comforting at the same time.

I ran into a friend today who I have not seen since our wedding, and she looked just fabulous. The glow of a new man, and the swish of hair that is truly amazing.

Sorry for this all being snippets this evening. Just the thoughts that are swirling round my mind, rather like the steam rising and curling into the air from my oil burner which is scenting the room with Jasmine as I type.

Perhaps it is time for me to wish you all a very good evening, and sweet dreams. A more pulled-together post will follow soon, I promise. Just as soon as this rain stops!


a pink-bee said...

It is another rainy day here again too, I do love the rain but, am wanting to get in my tiny garden and get it all ready for spring.:) Yesterday though it was bliss to lie in a huge bed in an attic room we stayed in and hear the rain on the roof. :) Have a happy day :)

Anita said...

Your post was wonderful... Just following your mind around, like a butterfly from flower to flower in a spring garden...
You duck story made me smile... Such personalities, these little feathered creatures!
About the coathangers... Two or three every few days, until he wonders aloud one morning, "Have you been getting rid of some of your clothes, we seem to have an awful lot of emties in here!" Which may give you an opportunity to go shopping, to fill a few empty hangers... ;)

have a lovely weekend!