Friday, 1 February 2008

Daffodil Days

I must confess that I have borrowed the title for my post from the lovely Alison at but it was just the perfect title for my I hope you don't mind Alison!

Wednesday was not a good day for me. I woke up with a cold, having just got over the one I had before Christmas. I had worked till 7 the night before, and was due in work at 8.30. My very first customer yelled and swore at me, and the only good thing about the situation was that I just made it to the back room before I began to cry. I felt fragile all day long. My nose grew redder and redder where I had to keep wiping it, and before I went home, I popped in to tell my boss (who I had already cried on once today about the yelling man) that I was not going to be in tomorrow (Thursday).

On the way home, I picked up some magazines - Eve, Country Kitchen and Easy Living, and treated myself to a hot chocolate. I sat in Starbucks, sipping and reading, and there was an article in Easy Living about what to do when someone you know has depression, which was very useful, in light of my Dad. It struck me that it was useful in light of myself as well. Not that I am suffering from depression, or anything like it- it is just that I think we could all be kinder to ourselves, and if we were to treat ourselves like we treat others, then we would all be happier. For example, getting out in the fresh air, gardening, eating nourishing, nurturing food. Something we would do for a friend in a heartbeat, I think....but for ourselves, well it is easier to take the quick or easy route.

To get to the bus stop, I cut through Marks and Spencer, and they had daffodils in! Oh, how I love daffodils. A year or so ago, Alison posted at Brocante Home a list of Puttery Treats for February, and one of them was to buy daffodils as often as you buy milk, something I have done since. I treated myself to three bunches, which are now decorating my living room and bedroom, and they really lift my spirits when I look at them. They are not open yet, but they will be soon, and I love following their progress. One of the most perfect things I have ever heard was the soft rustle of a daffodil opening, and that papery brown behind the trumpet coming loose.

February is such an odd month for me. I at once do feel slightly despondent- the weather turns colder, Christmas is long ago, and spring seems equally far; and yet at the same time, I love it. I love the opportunity for nurturing that it offers, the brightness of crocuses and daffodils coming up are such a contrast to the cold hardness of the ground. Perhaps what I am trying to say is that you need February so there is something for the spring flowers to contrast against.

They say it will snow this weekend. I am at work tomorrow, and today I am cosied up in my living room, sipping tea and hot lemon and visiting my favourite blogs and websites. Casper, our dear little snake has just this very moment shed his skin. We have known it was coming for a week or two, and I looked up just now to see his tail disappearing into his hiding box, and his old skin draped about like tinsel.

So, a new skin for Mr Casper, and a new month for us. I like when a winter month starts cold, it feels really fresh and new. This February, I am going to be working my way through the puttery treats prescribed by Alison, and making an effort to nuture myself and those around me. I am going to start by making some carrot and coriander soup for lunch- good for body and soul! I am going to putter about, take things gently, and look forward to all the good things in this month. I must plan what to wear to Claridges on the 23rd, and start knitting on a little Easter project. I would love to hear if any of you have scrumptious ways of enjoying February.

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