Friday, 8 February 2008

Mellow Yellow

Mellow yellow.....the colour of the crocuses that are scattered across the grass in the park, the daffodils smiling on my windowsill, and the golden tint to the pancakes I have been cooking.
It seems some catching up is in order! As always, when I am busy, I find the days just fly past. I have been busy with lots of little bits this week. Dad came out of hospital, which is great news, and also, my pancake curse has been lifted at last! I have always been able to make those little drop pancakes, but proper crepes have eluded me.

Until Sunday, when I decided to get in some practise for Shrove Tuesday. I used a medium sized omelette pan, so the crepes weren't huge, but they were crepes, and they worked, which is good enough for me! I guess a pancake recipe is a pancake recipe is a pancake recipe, but this is what worked for me:

2oz plain flour
1 egg
150mls milk

Utterly scrumptious with lemon and sugar, or as dear Carl enjoyed his, with a melted bar of Terry's chocolate orange!

The photographs show the daffodils that are cheering up my windowsill, and the other thing that has been taking up my of a different kind....a nappy cake!

One of my best friends went on maternity leave today, and we had a collection for her, and we decided to make her a nappy cake for her gift. In essence, it is 90 nappies and some baby bits such as a bottle, blanket, booties and so on, wrapped and folded to make a cake! She loved it which I was really pleased about.

It is quite late on Friday night as I type this. I have just finished a glass of a babycham glass of course...and I am enjoying the still of the evening. It is rare I have the energy to be up so late, so I am savouring it while I can. I think I will be a sleepy head tomorrow!

I will leave you with the pictures for now, and the promise of the recipe for the banana, rum and pecan bread and butter pudding that I made this week. (Anita, it is an American recipe! I had to convert it to English, and I know just what you mean about codes! Rather fun though!)

I hope you are having a lovely Friday night, wherever you are.

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tash said...

The daffs look lovely, we tend not to buy them here until St. David's day (it being my national flower!) which is rapidly approaching. It has been hard to resist them, though.

The nappy cake is lovely! I'm sure your friend was incredibly touched by such a clever gift.

I'm finally getting back into blogging with a new-look blog and the urge to comment again. I'll get there eventually!