Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Misty, Misty Mornings.

Before I start, a little assortment of pictures that I have taken recently. Most of them are mentioned in the post below. They are not the best quality because they have been taken on a camera phone (our proper camera's batteries have died!) and once or twice, I was leaning through railings at precarious angles taking them!

A week or so ago, we had a few days of brilliant spring-like afternoons, which really lifted my spirits. They started with misty, misty mornings, flourished into beautiful spring days, then as the light began to fade, the temperature dropped, and the mist quietly fell again.

I have walked through the park forming posts in my mind, and letting myself drift away with the mists. Somehow, time seems to have vanished....into the mists of time! And I have not posted for longer than I meant to. I have had lots of tiny little adventures, and they all seem linked to the mists somehow. So, time for a cup of tea in your favourite mug, and I shall start.

On Friday, Mum and I went to our favourite nursery, in a little town called Tiptree. It is such a soothing place. Just walking amongst all the flowers and plants is delicious. It is in the middle of the countryside, and you can sit in the conservatory with a home-cooked lunch, or just a cup of coffee and look out across fields and hills. We held a council of war there two days before my wedding, so we could make a final list of flowers to make the next day. But on Friday, we just sat and chatted and caught up, and it was wonderful. When you buy your cup of coffee, they ask you if you would like hot milk, cold milk, or cream. After sitting and watching the clouds roll across the sky, we each chose a plant to take home. In one of the greenhouses, we came across some primroses that had the most heavenly scent. They are a variety called Primlet, and they are as frilly and fluffy as a ballerina.

On the way home, we drove through the back roads, when suddenly I realised that we were near Tollesbury, where my great-grandfather lived, and a friend who I did my a-levels with lived. Mum took the turning, and we had an impromtu visit to this delightful little village on the estuary. We parked and walked past a gate that had a sign saying 'beware of the geese!' and there was a man selling fruit and veg from a van by the edge of the street. We wandered into a proper bakery, where we bought a squishy white loaf, a bun ring, and an apple and raspberry tart for £2.30! The tart was half price, because it had caught slightly in the oven. From then on, we referred to it as our 'Caught Tollesbury Tart'!

We spent the afternoon together knitting (me) and sewing (her) and chatting and drinking tea. Such bliss!

On Monday the mists were both a blessing and a curse; in the morning, I left the house to scurry off to work, when I stopped, quite transfixed. A spider had made its web on Carl's wing mirror, and where it was misty and cold, it had frozen. Suspended, it sparkled in the early morning light. I had to stop and take a photograph before I could carry on to work. However, that evening, my lovely friend Lisa was going to visit, but the mists were so heavy she did not feel safe driving, so I missed her lovely company.

Every morning, dear Carl leaves for work at about 7.20, and I like to turn down the bed and fling open all the windows, becuase our dear little flat does suffer terribly from damp. When I threw open the bedroom windows yesterday morning, it was so misty that the mist drifted in through the window! Another moment when I should be sucrrying about in readiness for work, but I was stood transfixed by the mist.

This morning, I was out and about earlier than usual. Today, I got to visit the library in Colchester, and my lift was leaving my library at 8:00, so I walked into work with Carl. On the way, I stopped to snap some spring flowers in a neighbour's garden, and the little cascade of flowers that looks like a waterfall to me. You would not think the A12 is a lovely place to be in the morning rush hour, but it really was. All I could see was heavy mist sitting on the fields, with stark bare trees hovering in and out of sight. On some fields, the mist rolled about, and in others, it just hung there. It gave such a beautiful ethereal feel to it all. The visit itself was really good as well, I got a lot out of it, and have determined to take a day off work in spring and spend a day exploring Colchester, just to myself. Just outside the library in Colchester is a church, and there was a delicate haze of purple crocuses hovering amongst the grass, and I could not resist snapping a photo!

I had to work late tonight, and I had my book group as well, so I now find myself sipping sleepily from a cup of tea whilst typing away. I have a lot of ideas drifting around my mind, like the mists. I have booked a whole week off work at the beginning of April, just to play. Idly, I am planning things to do. Books to read, afternoon teas to partake of. Places to visit, knitting, sewing, baking. Playtime! I have a pile of books on my desk that I have been thumbing through. There is one that has given me an idea for some homemade stationery (that I think might make nice gifts, too) and another called 'World Vegetarian' that makes me want to start cooking. A crochet book that I initially thought I might send back has two or three patterns I can't wait to make. It feels like I am budding with inspiration, just like the new banner at the ever lovely http://www.vintagepretty.org/ says. It is a lovely feeling!

I am sure by now your tea must be cold, I have rambled on so long. I shall not wait so long before my next post, and will keep it shorter! I still owe you the recipe for the rum and banana bread and butter pudding I made from http://www.thecandiedquince.ca/ (thanks for visiting, quince!) and on Saturday, I am off to Claridges for afternoon tea, and thence to the theatre to see Wicked!

I hope you are all having a scrumptious week!


Anonymous said...

So enjoyed this post. Sounds like you and your mother had a wonderful day together! My life has been so busy the last few months, I haven't had any "wandering around" time in ages! Spring is coming soon, so I must plan my own day out.
Nita in South Carolina

Anita said...

What a lovely post! Sounds like a really great day!
I live too far north, and am so tired of the cold, and ice and snow... I'm planning my own version of a Spring Cleaning Ritual to rid my house of all the pent up air, and energy... :)